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Hi there! My name is Andrew M. Olsen.  I'm a singer/songwriter, born and raised in the heart of the U.S.A -- Kansas City, MO.  I've been involved
with music in some fashion my entire life.  It began with picking up the drums around the age of five after seeing a movie starring Tom Hanks called, "That Thing You Do!"  Yes... I wanted to be "Shades."  Soon after, I realized how challenging playing the drums could be so I chose to pick up the guitar instead and haven't left it since.

Growing up, I played in worship band and sang in the choir at church, would play for "show and tell" in elementary school, and in random settings at home.  At the same time, I was very involved with sports.  I started playing baseball at the age of five, and soccer from ages seven to nine.  Eventually, I went to college to play baseball, but hung up the cleats after my second year on campus.  In middle school, I spent time in concert band playing trumpet, in honor choir as a soprano and tenor in respective years, in jazz band playing guitar, and in musicals through the local organization C.Y.T., or Christian Youth Theater.  I even played a small roll in "The Music Man" at Starlight Theater which seats almost 8,000 people!

Needless to say, I was a busy kid, but where does that leave me now?  I'm finally getting settled into the full-time musician role.  I love utilizing my God-given talent to share a message of positivity and empowerment to my listeners.  My music can be compared to the likes of Jack Johnson, Hozier, and even The Beatles!  I released an eight track project entitled "Parachute" in 2018 while I was still in college.  In 2020, I released two singles: "If Dreaming Can Make Someone Crazy" and "Horizon."  My plan for 2021 is to release a new single every 6-8 weeks, beginning with a live acoustic version of "Horizon" which was released on February 2nd.

My sincerest gratitude towards your fandom and support.  It is my vow for that to never go un-noticed.


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